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Equine Magazine Designs

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Equine Originals does all the design and layout for Great Southwest Equestrian Center's quarterly magazine Show & Tell Magazine.

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Show & Tell Magazine - Vol 2 Issue 4
Show & Tell Magazine - Vol 2 Issue 3
Show & Tell Magazine - Vol 2 Issue 2
Show & Tell Magazine - Vol 2 Issue 1
Show & Tell Magazine - Vol 1 Issue 2

Praise From a Client

"My intuition said that I should go with you… and I am very pleased. You have exceeded my expectations!"

        - Great Southwest Equestrian Center

Another Magazine example

Equine Originals also designed The Exhibitor for a couple of issues before it transitioned into Show & Tell Magazine. Above is shown the Winter 2010 issue. Also check out the Spring 2010 issue.

Other Equine Designs

We also offer equine design services in areas not shown in our portfolio. Need a new or creative design for an uncommon product? Contact us today to see how we can help you meet your marketing needs!