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Equine Originals offers comprehensive services to ensure our clients are able to maximize the full potential of online and print marketing.

Our Horse Website Design Professionals offer a variety of marketing services in online and print marketing

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As Equine Design & Marketing professionals, we are able to offer more services than just those listed. Please contact us to ask about any additional services that you may need.

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Equine Graphics

Need More Artwork?

Besides the graphic design for your web site we also create equine graphics for your equine business such as logos, banner advertisements, social media headers, letterheads, brochures, and many more. Or maybe you have a stallion, sale, or performance horse that you would like to showcase using custom graphics?

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Equine Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter...

With the growing number of businesses advertising through Facebook and other such social media, it's clear these venues are invaluable in today's marketing world. Take advantage of new opportunities to showcase your business with friends and future potential clients.

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Equine Website Hosting

Host Your Site on Reliable Servers

The 1st year of hosting is included with purchase of a website design. Additional years are $200/year. Hosting provides your website residence on a server with reliable access to the internet enabling people to view your web site anytime. It also includes up to 50 e-mail accounts and detailed statistics on site traffic.

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Equine Website Maintenance

Worry Free Site Updates

Let us worry about keeping your site up-to-date. We will do unlimited updates at any time for you at our reasonable rates.

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Equine Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

"Search, a marketing method that didn't exist a decade ago, provides the most efficient and inexpensive way for businesses to find leads." - John Battelle

Your site will be search engine friendly by implementation of proper organization and customized key words to enable higher search engine ranking. SEO is vital to your web site's success.

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Additional Marketing Services

Along with SEO, your site needs to have links with other related equestrian web-sites to gain the most traffic. We will link your site to the most popular websites as well as to any that you request. You may also make specific requests about including your site in specific equine seacrch engines or let us choose for you. This is included at no additional cost in your website design package.

Equine Originals can manage your Internet Ad Campaigns to achieve more extensive search engine listings.

Have a stallion that you'd like to have promoted on major equestrian sites such as equine.com, dreamhorse.com and on the major stallion showcase sites? Along with equine graphics design we'll set your stallion up on the sites you choose.

Have some horses for sale, but don't have the time or desire to spend time listing them with horse classified web sites? Let us do it for you.

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Equine web Site Re-Design

Breathe Life into an Old Site

Does your existing equine web site design need a face-lift? Site design can become out-dated and periodically needs a makeover. Do you want to expand your existing web site to showcase horses for sale or for stallion promotion? Equine Originals can help.

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Equine Photo Retouching

Don’t want anything fancy but need the color adjusted or something small removed from the picture?

Equine Photography

Showcase Your Prized Stallion

If you are looking to market your horses through a high-quality web site but are lacking professional photographs, then Equine Originals has the skills to meet your needs.

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